Grab your needs next door –  Exclusive Shopping  Mall next to L&T Raintree Boulevard
Shopping-Malls-in-hebbal next to l7t raintree boulevard

Buying an Apartment has always been the initial approach for the crowd on their very first real estate investment. But with most investments, you have to start it right. A distinct choice for your first real estate investment would be an apartment in a highly urbanized locality, specifically Apartments that are in close proximity to shopping malls.

L&T Raintree Boulevard Residential Apartment in Hebbal is located right next to a huge shopping mall Under Construction, right in the heart of North Bangalore.

  1. Your Apartment is located right next to shopping Mall:

L&T Raintree Boulevard make sure your home is always located in an exclusive location making easy to commute to your daily needs . So if your apartment is located right next to a shopping mall, then you can be sure that your apartment creates a landmark on its own and you are in vicinity to the most vital parts of the city such as the commercials, schools, and hospitals.

  1. Your safety is in our hand:

What do huge shopping malls have in common with each other? The answer would have to be the extra safety and securityRound the clock security guards and newly-installed CCTV’s should pretty much dissuade criminals from ever scaling your walls or entering your premises.

  1. Grab your daily needs next door:

frustrating to go to your nearby store? No more wasting your day driving for miles to your daily needs. Grab the Opportunity to live in an apartment right next to shopping Mall; step inside the mall and ease your shopping in single visit, making the whole experience faster and more comfortable.

  1. Access to schools, hospitals, and other recreational facilities:

whenever a big university or school opens up, a commercial district will soon rise next to it. The same can also be said with parks, swimming pool resorts, and other recreational facilities. Thus, if you’ve managed to buy property right next to a shopping center, then you’ll soon realize that it is also near a good school or an awesome family park. Besides, these places are very convenient for a person with a growing family!