The tree of solution at L&T Raintree Boulevard Bangalore
Raintrees at l&t raintree boulevard

Not only Luxury Apartments but also luxury Air to breath. Raintree Boulevard offers arrays of anciently rooted Rain-trees through out the development. L&T Raintree boulevard in hebbal  stands tall among the tall trees in the vicinity which includes University of Agricultural Science GKVK College. Also trees of various species besides Rain trees are planted inside the gated community of lnt raintree boulevard.

Advantage of Raintree

  1. Rain Trees are also called canopy trees due to its widespread leaves. This tree has advantage by absorbing about 28.442 kg of Carbon dioxide each year. That’s for only 1 tree, how about hundred or thousand tree? it can absorb high amount of Carbon dioxide each year. Beside that, this tree has another advantage, this tree provide shelter by it’s canopy and many people can take shelter under this big tree.
  2. Rain tree can absorbed water from land and recharge Ground water , providing sufficient water to the entire community at l&t raintree
  3. Without Rain Tree, chances o rain runs off soil and into rivers and streams, raising the water level. Rain Trees at help keep soil in place, and their roots soak up water. Even Rain Tree’ leaves help prevent flooding. When raindrops bounce off them, the water doesn’t hit the ground as hard